has been replaced by, an expanded disaster mapping service currently deployed for Jabodetabek (greater Jakarta), Surabaya and Bandung. Please update your bookmarks and click here to view the map and find out more.

Our White Paper — Assessing the Role of Social Media for Civic Co-Management During Monsoon Flooding in Jakarta, Indonesia — is now online. is an open source, community-led platform to collect and disseminate information about flooding and critical water infrastructure in Jakarta.

Share flood information

1. Launch your Twitter App

use your twitter account to post to the community flood map

2. Enable Geolocation

geolocation helps us flag the flood on the map

3. Tweet your message @petajkt #banjir

tweet it at us, and we'll put it on the map!

4. Follow BPBD Jakarta for official information

get the latest info from the Jakarta Disaster Management Agency

About us is an applied research project led by the SMART Infrastructure Facility, in collaboration with BPBD DKI Jakarta and Twitter Inc. harnesses the power of social media to gather, sort, and display information about flooding for Jakarta residents in real time.

The platform runs on the open source software known as CogniCity. This GeoSocial Intelligence framework allows data to be collected and disseminated by community members through their location-enabled mobile devices to map information about flooding and water infrastructure in real-time.

To read more about the project background, structure, and objectives, please visit the PetaJakarta project page.


We do not store any information about users; all information derived from location-enabled mobile devices is stored and displayed anonymously.



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